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Digital currency betting and what you should know about it
Online sports betting & gambling, in general, has grown exponentially in popularity over the recent years. Interesting, but Bitcoin & other digital currency appear to be one of the main pushing forces of that trend. Let’s take a quick look at why bettors are so fond of these cryptocurrencies & how one can benefit from betting with bitcoin!
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You must be living under the rock if you have not heard about bitcoin betting yet. The trend is just too obvious, and it is hard to resist wagering your first bitcoin on some moneylines or spreads. While it all seems so lucrative and exciting, let’s go over some of the main aspects of betting with cryptocurrency on the web.

How can you benefit from paying with Bitcoin?

Crypto Takeover

It hasn’t taken Bitcoin too long to take over almost every part of our everyday lives. From the early dark web days to mainstream trading, bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies proved to be quite suitable for the fast-moving and overly-demanding world, especially in the online gambling industry. Digital currencies seemed to hit the demand of online bettors right on the spot. The set of features possessed by this electronic money flipped the script for many online sportsbooks & casinos.

How cryptocurrencies have changed the landscape of the online gambling industry?

While the share of wagered bitcoin might only constitute a small fraction of the overall industry turnover, the influence it already has on sports betting is incredible. Thanks to easy & reliable payments, fast transaction times & a high level of privacy protection, bitcoin found millions of sports betting supporters all over the world. As the result of the newly-arisen vector, many of the leading online betting sites started not only offering cryptocurrency as one of their supported payment methods but also created the incentive for some of them to go completely crypto.

Ironically, the physically non-existing currency appeared to be more appealing to the online betting community. The traditional fiat currencies like USD, EUR, and GBP have numerously experienced harsh fluctuations due to governments’ bill-printing & new money being induced into the economic ecosystem. The blockchain technology that fuels Bitcoin & the majority of other popular cryptocurrencies completely eliminates such a factor, providing users with more stability, besides many other benefits.

The end of Bitcoin? What happens when the last Bitcoin is mined?

Benefits of bitcoin betting

While many might view cryptocurrency more sceptically, however, the benefits it brings to the table (especially for online bettors) are undeniable. The revolutionary blockchain technology allows bitcoin users to cut down transaction times to the minimum - something that has been an issue for online bettors for a long time. Not only making a deposit or withdrawing your funds became faster than ever, but you are also can be ensured your money will get to the right destination safely & at the lowest costs.

Speaking about safety, the online gambling industry is a heavily monitored & regulated environment; nevertheless, frauds & scams are nothing new to sports bettors. From iffy betting sites & suspicious payment methods to technical issues and hackers, online bettors are constantly being exposed to various types of online threats. Once again, while betting at one of our recommended betting sportsbooks will ensure the highest level of security & reliability for your betting, there’s still a chance you can become a victim of a hacker attack or something similar. Of course, this is quite a rare instance, however, you would not like to find yourself as a part of this statistics. Thankfully, bitcoin has the solution for that as well. The way Bitcoin blockchain works, crypto punters can not only transact in the safest way possible but also protect their vital personal & financial data from the undesired exposure.

From staying anonymous to making fast transactions, what is your main reason for betting with Bitcoin?

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